Cupramontana, capital of Verdicchio

Located in the heart of the Marche region at 505 meters above sea level, Cupramontana is the ideal place for a relaxing stay, good food and good wine, for an active, sporting or cultural holiday.


Ancona is located on the Adriatic Sea and is the capital of the Marche region. The name Ancona comes from the Greek and means elbow, referring to the shape of the coast that looks like an elbow.

The most representative monument of the city of Ancona is the cathedral of San Ciriaco, a beautiful Romanesque-Gothic basilica, with Byzantine elements, built on the foundations of a temple from the 4th century BC and a later early Christian church.

Among the sights of tourist interest we emphasize: the church of Santa Maria della Piazza, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, characteristic of the arched facade and for the symbolic figures carved around the portal; the Arch of Trajan, a Roman arch built in the first century DC; the church of San Francesco alle Scale, with the beautiful facade in Venetian flowery Gothic style, the Mole Vanvitelliana, a beautiful artificial island with a pentagonal plan in the harbor, built to a design by the papal architect Luigi Vanvitelli; the Loggia dei Mercanti, the most important secular building, in Venetian flowery Gothic style; the suggestive Fontana del Calamo or the Tredici Cannelle, the antiquity of which is confirmed by the name, of a clear Greek derivation that recalls the swampy environment in which he stood.

Not to be missed are the Pinacoteca Comunale, which houses works by Carlo Crivelli, Tiziano, Lorenzo Lotto and Guercino, among others; the National Archaeological Museum of Marche, which documents the prehistory and early history of the Marche region; the tactile museum Homer, one of the few in the world, and the only one in Italy, where the blind can also approach art by touching life-sized plaster casts of famous sculptures, architectural models of famous monuments, but also archaeological finds and original sculptures by contemporary artists .

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