Cupramontana, capital of Verdicchio

Located in the heart of the Marche region at 505 meters above sea level, Cupramontana is the ideal place for a relaxing stay, good food and good wine, for an active, sporting or cultural holiday.


Cupra Montana in 24 hours

Cupra Montana – Verdicchio Capital. Home to the white wine Verdicchio, Cupramontana has what it takes to make you feel comfortable while sampling wine and local dishes. Since it’s my hometown, it was challenging to have the tourist’s gaze and try not to be too obvious. To make things clear from the beginning, I am more attached to Poggio Cupro, a hamlet of Cupra Montana, than to the village itself, and this is also where Isabelle and I live (actually where I was born), so we decided to start our journey right here.

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Cupramontana's flower carpet

How far can a village of 5000 inhabitants be engaged in a religious manifestation? A lot, if the religious ceremony we are talking about is the Feast of Corpus Christi (on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday), whose celebration usually takes place on the following Sunday. And the village is Cupramontana.

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Cupramontana, in the heart of the Marche region.

In the heart of the Marche region, Cupramontana occupies a strategic position for those coming from both the sea and the mountains, as it is exactly halfway between Ancona and the Umbrian border. From the Adriatic side it is easily accessible along the Vallesina, in the hinterland of Ancona, while from the interior it is a few kilometers from historic Fabriano.
Whichever way you choose to go to Cupramontana, you cannot help but think that the first inhabitants of this city have chosen a strategic position to lay the foundation stone. With its height of 505 meters above sea level and a very wide view over an area that stretches from the foothills to the Adriatic Sea, Cupramontana welcomes visitors with all its might. And if, before you reach the top of the hill, you can see the soft hills of the agricultural landscape around the municipality, it is easy to imagine that the precious fertile land has always been an essential element of Cupramontana.

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