Cupramontana, capital of Verdicchio

Located in the heart of the Marche region at 505 meters above sea level, Cupramontana is the ideal place for a relaxing stay, good food and good wine, for an active, sporting or cultural holiday.

Capuchin Walk

The path winds its way in 17 stages for almost 400 km from Fossombrone to Ascoli Piceno, crossing the internal ridge of the Marche, where charming villages on a human scale blend into one with the surrounding natural landscape.

The path of the Capuchins is a very rich path from a spiritual, historical, artistic and naturalistic point of view, and very demanding from a physical point of view, due to the physiognomy of the hinterland of the Marche which presents a continuous alternation of ups and downs, with numerous stages with important differences in height.
It crosses the internal ridge of the Marche from north to south with a path of almost 400 km that retraces the places of the origins of the Order.
It can be covered in many months of the year, but in the winter months (in particular December, January, February) it is not recommended, because several stages are mountainous and could be covered with snow.

  • First part: from Fossombrone to Camerino - 220 km in 10 stages
  • Second part: from Camerino to Ascoli Piceno - 160 km in 7 stages

At each stage, the relevant stamps certifying the path traveled must be affixed to the credential and at the end of the pilgrimage they allow the release of the Testimonium , the final parchment that certifies the completion of the pilgrimage. Therefore it is important to remember to have your credential stamped every day.

In Cupramontana you can have your passport stamped at the tourist office.

Cammino dei Cappuccini - 07. Poggio San Romualdo - Cupramontana (km 26)
Cammino dei Cappuccini - 08. Cupramontana - Cingoli (km 17)

  • The path unfolds in 17 stages for almost 400 km from Fossombrone to Ascoli Piceno, crossing the internal ridge of the Marche

  • You could for example do it in two times: the first from Fossombrone to Camerino (10 days) and the second from Camerino to Ascoli Piceno (7 days); or divide the route into three parts: from Fossombrone to Fabriano (5 days), from Fabriano to Camerino (5 days) and finally from Camerino to Ascoli Piceno (7 days)
  • The path is designed to be traveled in only one direction, that is from north to south, because it follows the narration of the story of the Capuchins narrated in the novel "The spirit of the Capuchins" that accompanies the pilgrim along the way.
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