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Cupramontana: Sagra dell' Uva

Duration: 4 Days
From: Cupramontana
One of the oldest wine festivals in Italy and is held on the first Sunday of October and the three preceding days. It is not only the grape harvest, but also the fertility of the country that is being celebrated.

The harvest festival tradition has a very long history, dating back to Piceno and Roman rites. The celebrations in question were in fact the Liberalia, the Vinalia, which celebrated the new wine and the occurrence of adverse weather conditions for the grapes, and the Meditrinalia, which raised the grapes and wine as medicinal substances.
This is perhaps the secret of the success of the Cupramontana grape festival, the oldest in the Marche and one of the first in all of Italy (since September 1928).

If the first edition actually saw the celebration only on Sunday, days were gradually added to its current form, when the grape festival is celebrated from Thursday to Sunday of the first weekend of October.

With every edition, the Sagra has grown and refined, making the parties vary every day. For example, the Saturday afternoon is devoted to the Palio della Pigiatur. The teams from Cupramontana and the surrounding villages, normally composed of three people, kick the grapes barefoot exactly according to tradition; he who squeezes the most in a given time wins the prize of the winning municipality of the Palio.
Friday and Saturday evenings are of national importance for music performances by singers.

Verdicchio and grapes are present in every possible way; the traditional opening with the Verdicchio source, the workshops and tastings, the decorations of the stands, and of course in the posters that change every year and, like real artworks, contain the soul of Cupramontana.

The highlight is the procession of floats on Sunday afternoon. The result of many hours of work that the young people of Cupramontana devote with passion and love to building the carts. These allegorical floats are not only a colorful element to showcase artistic and humorous talents, but also a small stage for current themes.

Over the years, the grape festival has become an unmissable event, not only for the residents of Cuprense, but for all surrounding municipalities.

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