Cupramontana, capital of Verdicchio

Located in the heart of the Marche region at 505 meters above sea level, Cupramontana is the ideal place for a relaxing stay, good food and good wine, for an active, sporting or cultural holiday.

Cupramontana: Gold label award

From: Cupramontana
A competition dedicated to the labels and packaging of Italian companies, a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and institutions to promote the territory and relaunch communication of typical products.

The "Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro" was created in 1992 to enhance the creativity and extreme precision of the label, an unexpectedly important element rich in history.
A limited space where the classic concept of beauty is expressed with extreme coherence: grace and harmony come together to make the technical characteristics of the wine stand out in the eyes of the observer.

Every year, the award-winning labels from all over Italy are then exhibited at the Label Museum, where more than 3,000 labels from different historical periods are preserved, all of which bear witness to the history of a product that has characterized the whole of Western culture.

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