Cupramontana, capital of Verdicchio

Located in the heart of the Marche region at 505 meters above sea level, Cupramontana is the ideal place for a relaxing stay, good food and good wine, for an active, sporting or cultural holiday.

Cupramontana: Infiorata - Corpus Christi

From: Cupramontana
Few events succeed in magically engaging the entire community, such as the Corpus Domini flower festival in Cupramontana.

High school children under the supervision of their art education teacher make the drawings. These designs are then presented to the leaders of the different neighbourhoods and they choose the most beautiful and the most feasible. The next step has been entrusted to the artisans who produce moulds from wood and iron to scale. Then the flower carpets are laid early on Sunday morning with the help of the population in the main streets of Cupramontana.

The Infiorata tradition dates from the post-war years, directly linked to the tradition of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament. In fact, the children spread petals of country flowers before the Holy Sacrament was worn by the priest.
Today, the skill and commitment of Cuprensi not only sees the realization of long flower carpets, but also of real artistic reconstructions of famous paintings, not only visible during the celebration, but also until late in the afternoon.

Some curiosities of the Infiorata;

  • One thousand six hundred square meters of infiorata.
  • Via Giacomo Matteotti: 126 meters
  • Via Don Minzoni: 96 meters
  • Via Don Francesco Menicucci: 195 meters
  • Via Roma (from the junction with Via Menicucci): 74 meters
  • Via Roma (second part): 78 meters
  • Piazza Cavour - Via Leopardi: 84 meters
  • Piazza IV Novembre: 93 meters
  • Various lengths: 67 meters

for a total of 813 meters.

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