Experience: International Folklore Festival

The town of Cupramontana each year offers both residents and tourists a unique spectacle of its kind: the International Folklore Festival. Its streets are literally invaded by costumes, dances and songs of folklore groups from all over the world.

The International Folklore Festival was held for the first time in 1996. Each year is repeated with the same intensity, with the careful organization of the Folklore Group Masaccio supported by the town of Cupramontana. During the festival successive performances of musicians, dance groups and much more can be seen. The city becomes a meeting point, exchange of ideas between different cultures and a colorful stage full of shades of color. Different ethnic groups and different uses make Cupramontana a reference point for the fusion and understanding of different customs and traditions.

At the International Folklore Festival take part a large number of folk groups from all corners of the planet. People belonging to completely different cultures are found in this small but cozy town to offer the public part of their history through songs, dances and traditional costumes of the people to which they belong. It's real cultural event especially loved by those who argue that the tradition should be maintained in order not to lose their roots. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the habits and customs of other people.

For more information visit: www.massaccio.com

When: last week of July.